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The Green Roof Installation

When it is time to get a new roof for your existing home, you might want to consider contacting a roofing company and inquire about a green roof installation. The professional roofing contractor does much more than manage roof repair projects. Roofers can provide useful information about adding a green roof to your existing home. The green roof was initially developed in Germany. This occured in the 1960s era. Once Germany developed the green roof, many other countries joined in and adapted them to their culture too. A green roof is a good option for many homeowners because it is appealing and it has many useful benefits too.

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An Overview of a Green Roof

The green roof will prove to be very useful while offering many benefits to your household. A sample of reasons to choose a green roof include:

* economic uses

* an air purifier

* a rainwater buffer

* an indoor temperature regulator

* more

The green roof is weaved into the climate-proof construction mix. Many homeowners are considering the green roof when a roof replacement is needed. A green roof will be a rainwater buffer too as it purifies the air.

The Many Benefits of A Green Roof Project

The professional roofers can easily install install a new green roof on your home. This option offers many sound benefits to homeowners. Include the following:

* a reduction in the temperature of a roof; this is a cooler roof. This means solar panel efficiency is raised and your energy costs will be lowered in the long-run

* a good sound barrier; the green roof is going to act as a sound barrier to any building. It offers a quieter environment outside of the home and inside of the home because it absorbs sound

* the life span of the roof is extended; a green roof will offer protection to the roofing material. This is from any external influences. This includes fluctuations in the wind and rain

* will add value to any home; a green roof will offer a sustainable and natural appeal while increasing the value of your home

* it will purify the air; the green roof has plants on top. The plants will filter particulate matter. This involves converting CO2 into real oxygen. The green roof contributes to overall air purification

* it tends to create a pleasant climate; keep in mind, plants will absorb sunlight. Some of the sunlight is reflected. This process will eliminate some air conditioner use and save on energy consumption while ensuring the climate is comfortable

* a lowered roof temperature; the temperature on the roof will be lowered and the efficiency of solar panels is raised. This reduces energy costs

* it will triple the lifespan of the roof; a green roof offers protection and extends the life of a roof up to 60 years. The initial investment is recouped within eight or more years

* offers a fire resistant added layer; the plants tend to retain moisture. A green roof creates a natural fire-resistant layer on any type of building

* the added greenery offers a better experience to everyone; the green environment tends to provide a peaceful and natural ambiance and this leads better health and and less tension

* many more benefits to explore

The green roof is marvelous and there are many reasons to consider this natural roof option.

About the Makings of a Green Roof

The modern green ar around 4 inches thick or less. This roof is composed of manufactured layers. The layers will support growing vegetation. There are five main layers:

* a root protection

* waterproof membrane

* a drainage layer

* plants

* a growing medium

A professional San Antonio TX roofing company has the necessary equipment to competently install a green roof on a home or building. The green roof can be created on a sloped roof or on a flat roof. This projects is not difficult for the professional roofer. The green roof is viewed as a living roof. There are two main forms of green roofing. It can take one week to complete a green roof project. There is an easy installation process involved. Some good planning is necessary in any project and the outcome is worth it. The estimated cost for installing a green roof is around 10 dollars per square foot.

Maintaining a Green Roof

The green roof does not require an abundance of maintenance. The roof garden will need some tending to. It will need some weed removal. Plants do not get harmed if they are walked on during the light maintenance. Many people maintain a maintenance log to keep everything in check.